About The Financial Planning Association

In such a highly regulated, well respected, very in demand and competitive financial services industry it is important that financial planning professionals must be well guided and that is the role of the Financial Planning Association (FPA). Certified Financial Planner professionals are licensed by the Certified Financial Planning Board of Standards, Inc. and at the same time a member of the FPA. Aside from Certified Financial Planner professionals the other members also includes those people who support the financial planning process.
The Financial Planning Association (FPA) is a known national organization for financial planners that is based in Denver, Colorado with members of around 30,000 and aside from that they also have 98 chapters located across the country. The FPA is a leadership and advocacy organization connecting those who provide, support and benefit from professional financial planning. The primary goal of this organization is to be the main community that fosters the value of financial planning and at the same advances the practice and profession of financial planning. Therefore, the FPA is known as the heart of financial planning.

The FPA works closely with academic leaders, legislative and regulatory bodies, financial services firms as well as those consumer interest organizations. They are governed by volunteer Board of Directors who is in charge of helping the organization reach its mission while following the organization’s by laws. All its members must demonstrate a commitment of having the highest standards of professionalism, competency, ethical conduct and clear, complete disclosure for financial planning professionals.

It is very important all transactions and discussions between financial planning professionals and their clients must kept closely private and only discussed on both parties. This implies how important that they sincerely adhere to the FPA’s standard of client care. This includes putting the client’s best interest first, always act with due care and utmost good faith, never mislead your clients, you should always provide full and fair disclosure of all materials facts and lastly, always disclose and fairly manage all material conflict of interest.
The FPA sets a mandate that all its members must adhere to the Code of Ethics that will reflect their commitment in helping their clients achieve their life goals. Listed below are the Code of Ethics that FPA members must lived by:
1.    Integrity – Should provide professional services with integrity.
2.    Competence – Must provide competency in providing professional services to your clients.
3.    Professionalism - FPA member's conduct in all matters shall reflect credit upon the profession.
4.    Confidentially –Never disclose any confidential client information without having any consent from the client.
5.    Objectivity – FPA members should be objective in providing professional services to their clients.
6.    Fairness – FPA members must perform professional services in a manner that is fair and reasonable to their clients, principals, partners and employers.
7.    Diligence – Should act diligently in providing professional services.
By having the FPA around you are certain that the professionals under this industry is truly well guided and in the right path with their careers.

Know the importance of the  Financial Planning Association  and how they guide all its members. To understand more about the Financial Planning Association you can go to  and learn more what the FPA   is all about.