About The Financial Planning Association

In the financial planning sector all professionals are well guided by the Financial Planning Association (FPA). The Financial Planning Association or also called as FPA is a leadership and advocacy organization connecting those who provide, support and benefit from professional financial planning. This is the largest membership organization for Certified Financial Planner professionals in the United States. Aside from Certified Financial Planner professionals the other members also includes those people who support the financial planning process.

The organization is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who is in charge of helping the organization reach its mission while following the organization’s by laws. The organization works closely with academic leaders, legislative and regulatory bodies, financial services firms as well as those consumer interest organizations. The primary goal of this organization is to be the main community that fosters the value of financial planning and at the same advances the practice and profession of financial planning. With the guidance that the FPA provides the industry is in the right track.

It is known that all FPA members must demonstrate a commitment of having the highest standards of professionalism, competency, ethical conduct and clear, complete disclosure for financial planning professionals. It is very important that all transactions and discussions going on between financial planning professionals and their clients must kept closely private and only be discussed by both parties. Therefore, they must adhere to the following standard of client care:
1.    Prioritising client’s best interest first.
2.    Ensuring that their respective actions are with composure and always in good faith.
3.    Never mislead your clients.
4.    Making sure that you always provide a complete and fair disclosure of all material facts
5.    You have to see to it that you maintain disclosure and fairly manage all material conflict of interest.
6.    All members must adhere to the Code of Ethics that shows proper professionalism and diligence in respect to their practice.

On top of that the Financial Planning Association sees to it that its members adhere to the Code of Ethics that reflects their commitment in ensuring to help their clients achieve their lifelong goals. They should empower the following values within them as financial professionals:
1.    Integrity
2.    Objectivity
3.    Fairness
4.    Confidentiality
5.    Professionalism
6.    Competence
7.    Diligence

As a matter of fact joining this association is a smart move for you to get the best quality and standard of learning in financial planning. Aside from that the FPA also aims to provide competent, committed and ethical professionals. They provide quality standard education that is very important in order to have a well knowledgeable and skilled financial planner professional. They also encourage a strong and solid relationship building opportunities that will assist its member in achieving both personal and professional development. By that being said only proves that being a member of the association will ensure you that you are in the right path of your practice.

Through this article you will know about the Financial Planning Association and how important to be part of it. To understand more about the Financial Planning Association you can go to and discover more about FPA and its bylaws.