How Can You Pass The Certified Financial Planner Exam?

It would mean a lot in both the financial planning sector as well as the financial services industry that you earn added credentials and certifications because this can really help in the betterment of your financial planning career. However, in order for you to achieve that you must pass the necessary certification exams such as the Certified Financial Planner Exam.

The Certified Financial Planner Certification is the designation awarded to those individuals who were able to complete all the requirements set by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. which includes passing the Certified Financial Planner Certification Exam. This exam is a post graduate test taken by those individuals who want to strengthen their career, take their career further, apply for a higher or different job position, get better salary compensation, refine their skills, broaden their knowledge and most of all keep up with the standards of the financial services industry.

The Certified Financial Planner Exam serves as an assessment exam that will gauge your knowledge and learning in all aspects of financial services. That is why it is important that you passed this test. The test is prepared by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards wherein it covers over a hundred of financial planning and financial services topics. The exam is 10 hours long that is given in 2 days. There will be one four-hour session that is given on Friday and another two three-hour sessions given on Saturday. This is consists of 285 multiple choice questions with one case study per session. The total number of questions that is related to case studies usually varies from one exam to another. But approximately 20% of the exam consists of case study questions. The criterion for the passing rate would be based according to the set level of required competency rather than basing it against the scores of other exam takers on that day.

to qualify in taking the Certified Financial Planner Certification Examination there are certain requirements set by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (CFP Board) that you have to comply with. You must meet their educational qualifications wherein you have to earn a Bachelor’s degree or higher from any form of discipline as long as it is from an accredited college or university. Aside from that also have to complete the formal CFP course program that will require you to take course subjects that are vital to financial services. Taking the following subjects can help you in passing the exam:
1.    Fundamentals in Financial Planning Program
2.    Estate Planning Program
3.    Employee Benefits Planning Program
4.    Insurance Planning Program
5.    Income Tax Planning Program
6.    Investment Planning Program
7.    Retirement Planning Program
8.    Case Study in Financial Planning Program
You must comply with is the 3 years full time working experience in any career related in the financial services industry. Once you get to complete both the educational qualifications and working experience you must then submit to a full background check and lastly you have to adhere to the Code of Ethics that is set by the CFP Board.

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