How Important Is The CFP Exam Prep?

The Certified Financial Planner Certification Examination is said to be the most challenging exam in the financial services industry. Passing this exam can help you earn the prestigious Certified Financial Planner Certification. That is why it is very important that you have all the means needed that can help you in passing the CFP exam. And the best way of doing so is by having a good CFP exam prep.
It is very important that you know very well the exam that you are about to take so that passing it will become easier for you. That is why you must prepare well in all ways to help you in gaining the confidence need for the most challenging exam that you are about to take.

The Certified Financial Planner Certification Examination is an assessment test that covers all areas of financial planning. This exam will gauge the knowledge that you have in financial services. At the same time this exam will also serve as an assessment test on how you will be able to apply your knowledge and skills in financial services once you are in a real life financial situation. This certification exam covers over a hundred of financial planning and financial services topics. This basically covers all aspects of financial services. The exam is consists of 285 multiple choice questions with one case study per session. The total number of questions that is related to case studies usually varies from one exam to another. But approximately 20% of the exam is consisting of case study questions.
This is a 10 hour exam that is divided into three sessions. You will be given 4 hours during the first day and then two 3-hour sessions on the second day. Listed below are the eight major subjects that are covered during the exam and these are:
-    general principles of financial planning program
-    risk management program
-    insurance planning program
-    investment planning program
-    income tax planning program
-    retirement planning program
-    employee benefits planning program
-    estate planning program
The reference for the passing score is that the performance is being measured according to a set level of required competency rather than the scores of the other examiners who took the same exam. This is done in order to prevent any advantages or disadvantages that might occur when past exams were of lower or higher difficulty.
By having a good CFP exam prep you will be able to prepare intensively for the exams. In this way you will be able to set your priorities straight because you already know how to handle the exams that you are going to take. That is why it really helps a lot that you are always on top of your preparation so that you will gain the confidence that you need once you will already take the exams.

Know the importance of having a CFP exam prep  and how it can help you in passing the exams. To understand more the need for a good CFP exam prep you can go to and know more about financial planning career.