The Policies Of The Financial Planning Association

Financial Planner professionals are well guided by an organization that is called the Financial Planning Association (FPA). The FPA is the largest membership organization for Certified Financial Planners professionals in the US. It also includes members who support the financial planning process.
The Financial Planning Association (FPA) is a leadership and advocacy organization for those who provide support and benefit from financial planning. The said organization is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who is in charge of helping the organization reach its mission while following the organization’s by laws. The FPA works closely with academic leaders, legislative and regulatory bodies, financial firms and consumer interest organizations.

The main goal of this organization is to be a community that provides the value of financial planning and at the same time advances the practice of financial planning. The members of the organization show commitment to a high level of professionalism, competency, ethical conduct and most of a clear and complete disclosure for financial planning professionals. Aside from that they must adhere closely to the Code of Ethics which will reflect their commitment to help their clients achieve their lifelong goals. They live by according to these values:

1.    Professionalism - FPA member's conduct in all matters shall reflect credit upon the profession.
2.    Confidentially – Part of the responsibility of an FPA member to never disclose any confidential client information without having any consent from the client unless it has something to do with legal issues.
3.    Competence – They must provide competency in providing professional services to their clients.
4.    Integrity – It is important that FPA members must offer and provide professional services with integrity.
5.    Fairness – FPA members must perform professional services in a manner that is fair and reasonable to their clients, principals, partners and employers.
6.    Diligence – FPA members must act diligently in providing professional services to their clients.
7.    Objectivity – FPA members shall always be objective in providing professional services to their clients.
The FPA’s unique network of nationwide chapters encourages both personal and professional development in all levels. They help connect an all in membership in a unique and interesting way. Through the FPA you will be ensured that all financial planning services provided for you will be given with high standards. That is why by having the FPA around and that each financial planning professional are a member of it then you are rest assured that you are working with the right people who can truly help all your financial concerns.

With proper guidance and protocols all members of the FPA are indeed qualified for whatever position they have in the financial services industry. Rest assured that all its members are indeed the ones who are well guided and expert in the field. That is why it matters a lot that as a financial planning professional you must live by the principles provided by the association because this is of great benefit to your profession.

Know the relevance of being part of the Financial Planning Association  and how beneficial this is for you. Find out more about the Financial Planning Association by visiting and learn more what the association is all about.